Candidate Development and Presentation

Broad distribution of Position Description

Aggressive pursuit of potential candidates and sources
There are no applications or deadlines in the IES process. We have found the very best candidates are found through aggressive recruiting. We use our international network to bring the best traditional and non-traditional candidates to the search.

In-depth interviews and video recording of top candidates

Prepare candidate profiles for review

Search Committee Updates
We provide periodic updates to the Committee on the developments in the search and the types of candidates emerging.

First-round referencing of finalist candidatesIES requires five references before a candidate is moved to the Search Committee and total of fifteen (15) before the candidate is invited to campus for an interview.

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"Since there is no other job that prepares you to be president, the best presidents are the ones with the ability to learn on the job and (who have) the willingness to change."

  -- Arianna Huffington