Referencing is one of the most critical activities in an executive search. Before candidates are presented to the Search Committee, five references are checked.  Those candidates who advance to the finalist-round and who are invited to campus have a total of 15 references completed before they arrive on campus.  Finally, a third-party criminal background check is completed before contract negotiations are engaged.

After you have chosen finalist(s) for the position, we will begin the more detailed referencing process. As a standard practice, our referencing process includes:

  • 360 -degree coverage: Peers, superiors and subordinates of the candidate whose names are supplied by the candidate.
  • Written reference discussions with individuals we independently identify who know the candidate and can speak candidly and accurately about his/her r strengths and weaknesses.
  • Assessment against selection criteria: One referencing objective is to further assess the candidate‚Äôs competencies and experiences which are of critical importance to success in the position.
  • Individual reference reports are provided on each finalist. We verify the degrees earned by the candidates before they are introduced to the Search Committee.
  • Included in our pricing is a thorough background check completed by an independent third-party with expertise in criminal and financial background services.
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"Since there is no other job that prepares you to be president, the best presidents are the ones with the ability to learn on the job and (who have) the willingness to change."

  -- Arianna Huffington