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Alicia Anderson’s interest in education policy and governance began when she was appointed by the Governor of Maryland to serve as a voting member of the Board of Education for Anne Arundel County Public Schools, one of the largest school districts in the country, while still a high school student.

After graduating from the University of Virginia, she moved into the independent school world as the Associate Director of College Counseling at the Out-of-Door Academy, a pre-K through 12 college preparatory school in Sarasota, Florida. Her role at Out-of-Door quickly expanded to include guiding families through the competitive college admissions process, advising students seeking scholarships and financial aid, and providing support for the school’s internal financial aid distribution.

As Director of Admission and Outreach at the International School of Charlottesville, Alicia bolstered enrollment through improved retention and increased applications, through new strategic direction for marketing and school communication, and by increasing alumni and family engagement.

At IES, Alicia supports George Conway’s work with organizations to facilitate the flow of information between our clients, search committees, and candidates.


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"Since there is no other job that prepares you to be president, the best presidents are the ones with the ability to learn on the job and (who have) the willingness to change."

  -- Arianna Huffington